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Bases for sheds and buildings

Creating a level base is very important to the longevity of any garden building. This allows any building style to fit together with ease and settle in unison. Our recommendation is to fit a concrete base wherever possible, where this may not be possible a timber framework base can be fitted or timber bearers. Any style of base can be fitted to any required size and shape, allowing for a much wider choice of garden building or an unusual bespoke design. Prior to installing the base, the ground may need to be levelled off, dug out, or raised at certain points to create as level starting point as possible to begin with. Bases should be constructed to the exact dimensions of the building allowing any rain to run of the building and be directed away from the framework. 

Concrete Bases –  To create a level concrete base, a timber edge framework is created to the size, shape and depth required. The framework is then secured in place with either timber pegs or setting timber posts in concrete. It is important to fix the framework so all sides are level with one another. Where a building is being sited on soil or soft ground, before the concrete is added to the base MOT type 1 scalps will be fitted and mechanically compacted over the entire area. This allows a hard standing for the concrete to added. Concrete is then added onto the scalps and tamped to a level finish with the timber framework. 

Timber Framework Bases – A timber edge framework is created to the size, shape and depth required. The framework is then secured in place by setting posts in concrete where necessary to ensure the framework is level at all points. Timber joist are then fitted at regular intervals inside the framework. It is important that the joists run in the opposite direction to any bearers fitted to the base of the building. For larger bases timber posts can be set in concrete, where necessary, along the joists to increase strength. Timber is fitted between the joists to hold them in position and prevent any timbers twisting. 

Bearers – For smaller buildings, timber bearers can be laid level ready to receive the building. It is important that the ground is solid enough to take this style of base work. Bricks or slabs can be placed under the bearers to help increase support.

In some scenarios, a new building can be erected directly onto a patio or hard standing area, with the floor joists acting as timber bearers.

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