Trellis Fencing

Trellis fencing offers an ornate and decorative style of fencing that is very pleasing to the eye. It can be used to define a boundary, screen oil tanks, create a wall for climbing plants, to divide garden areas into sections, and many more.

Trellis can be a very good addition to closeboard or panel fencing, in breaking up the solid appearance. For stand-alone trellis fencing, fence posts will be set in concrete at 1.8 centres to allow standard width panels to be fitted. We can also build a trellis to bespoke dimensions meaning it is very flexible to fit in an unusual shape or tight spaces.

There are many types available from square gaps to diamond gaps, from 100mm gap sizes to super privacy screen. As well as a square top trellis, it can also be finished with a domed our scalloped top, creating a more interesting visual finish. Trellis is a fantastic secure framework for planting against as many trellis panels are available in heavy-duty battens for the more aggressive climbers.

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