Stock Fencing

Stock fencing is a visually pleasing solution to act as a boundary without a solid appearance. Its main use, as the name suggests, is to contain livestock and define a boundary.

It offers a great solution where property backs onto grazing land and doesn’t block any views of the countryside. It is a very versatile style of fencing that can be fitted to any boundary shape and flows with the contours of the land.

Strut and strainer sets are set in concrete at the start and finish of a fence line, at any directional changes, at any ground flow changes, and at intermediate positions over a long stretch. These strut and strainer sets allow the stock fence to be pulled tightly between the 2 points.

Strainer posts are usually around 175mm in diameter with strut posts usually 75-100mm being set in concrete at approximately 45 degrees from the strainer post. The strainer post will have a bird’s mouth style wedge cut out in the direction of the fence line allowing the strut posts to fit tightly to offer a firm fix when the fencing is pulled. The posts are full round timber posts giving a pleasing finish on the eye.

Full round timber intermediate posts and post banged in along the fence line between the strut and strainer sets at equal intervals offering more support to the fencing. 800mm high C8/80/15 stock fencing is then pulled across the face of the posts and held in position using heavy-duty staples.

Barbed wire can be added to the posts above the stock fence to add extra height and security from livestock. 100mm half round timber rails can be added to the fence line which is fitted parallel to the contours of the ground, square-cut timber rails can also be fitted to the fence line.

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