Panel Fencing

With panel fencing, fence posts are set in concrete at 1.8 metre intervals, in order to receive standard size panels. There are a large number of panels available varying in styles, the timber used, and finishes. The two most popular panels being the closeboard panel (vertical featheredge edge boarding) and the pro lap panel (horizontal wavy edge boarding).

If choosing timber posts for a new panel fencing, then the panels are simply fitted directly to the posts. Panels can be fitted either in between the posts, leaving them visible and breaking up the fence line, or across the face of the posts, hiding the posts behind the panels.

A timber gravel board can easily be fitted to either the face of the post or in between to protect the base of the panel from the ground. A popular panel fence system uses concrete slotted ‘H’ posts. The concrete posts are set in concrete at 1.8 metre intervals. Due to the ‘H’ design of the posts, panels and gravel boards are held firmly in position in the slot of the post.

With this system, six or twelve-inch concrete gravel boards can easily be fitted to each bay to retain any difference in ground levels along the fence line. With the twelve-inch concrete gravel board, it allows flowerbeds and borders to be raised against it without the threat of future rotting that may occur with a timber gravel board.

Concrete slotted corner posts can be installed in fence lines that change direction, to allow a uniformed posting system which is much more pleasing to the eye. Once the concrete system setup has been installed, it is very simple to slide out any panels or gravel boards that might be damaged and replace them with new.

Within the panel fencing system, both on timber and concrete posts, there are many different options regarding the final finish. From the size and style of the gravel boards and panels. Trellis panels can easily be added on top of solid fence panels for either posting option, to break up the solid fence appearance.

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