Hit and Miss Fencing

Hit and miss fencing is the ideal fencing for areas that are open to heavy winds. It allows heavy winds to pass through each bay while offering all the privacy of a solid fence. It is a great substitute for hedge and tree lines in a windy location and reduces the maintenance that comes with hedging while still offering shelter from the winds.

Fence posts are set in concrete usually at 1.8 metre centres. This allows 3.6 metre timber rails to span over 3 posts (2 bays) and to be staggered with each other, creating a brick bond effect with the rails. Rails are only required if the bays are to be clad vertically with timbers. If horizontal boarding is preferred then the timbers can be fitted directly to the face of the posts.

The cladding for each bay can a variety of timber sizes as well as being rough sawn or planed. The most common cladding is 6-inch x 1 inch or 4 inches by 1-inch boards. The boarding is fitted in a picket fencing style. With boarding each bay individually the gaps between the boards can be narrow or wider depending on your preference. It’s these gaps that allow the wind to pass through the fence line. Hit and Miss fencing can single-sided or double-sided, for horizontal or vertical.

To double side the hit and miss fencing the same method of cladding is added to the back of the fencing with the boards covering the gaps on the face side. This gives the impression of a solid fence while allowing the wind to pass through.

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