Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard fencing sometimes referred to as featheredge fencing, is a very versatile fencing system. Fence posts are set in concrete up to 3 metres apart. A timber gravel board is fitted to the bottom of the newly installed fence posts, following the gradient of the ground. Timber bevelled rails are fitted at equal distances on the face of the posts. The rails are then clad with individual featheredge boarding.

This style of fencing can be installed at various heights to meet any required needs. A timber, trench, or flat capping can be installed to the top of the boarding. With this style of fencing, the featheredge boarding is fitted in one continuous flow, covering the posts from the boarded side throughout. The beauty of closeboard fencing is that each handcrafted bay can be shortened, if necessary, to follow differing ground flows and changes in height.
As well as using timber posts for closeboard fencing, you can also choose to have concrete recessed posts. With concrete recessed posts, the rails are fitted to the posts using prefabricated recesses and bolt holes. M10 bolts are held in position using nuts with washers. Any excess bolts should be cut off to leave a smooth finish to the backs of the posts. Concrete recessed posts also lend themselves very well to fitting a concrete gravel board as another option to timber.

Each bay is then clad with an appropriate height featheredge board in a continuous flow to cover the posts throughout. The “backside” of closeboard fencing also has a finish that is pleasing on the eye, with posts set in concrete at equal distances and rails clad evenly to the required height. As well as cladding each bay with featheredge, to create a solid fence, trellis work can be added to break the fence up. Trellis can be added to the top of a shorter clad fence line to create a more sociable finish between friendly neighbours while maintaining privacy! Trellis can be fitted to the entire fence line or just to the required sections. Trellis can be fitted directly to the “backside” of the fencing onto the timber rails, allowing a secure framework for climbing plants.

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