Chain Link Fencing


A chain link fence is a type of woven fence usually made from galvanised steel wire. The wires run vertically and are bent in such a way that they link to the wires on either side of them. This creates the uniformed diamond pattern. Chain link fencing is available in a vast number of heights and gauges. It can be left as a galvanised wire or powder coated, commonly green powder coated.

With chain link fencing, angle iron strut, and strainer end sets posts are set in concrete. The end sets are not only set in concrete at the start and finish of a fence line but also at any height or directional change. Intermediate angle iron posts are set in at regular intervals along the fence line between the end sets to support the fitting of the chain link. Line wires are pulled between the end sets and passed through pre-fabricated holes in the intermediate posts and follow the contours of the ground. Stretcher bars are fitted to the ends of the chain link allowing it to be bolted to the end sets. The chain link is then held up on the line wires using either a chain link clip gun or tying wire. This fencing system lends itself very well to sports arenas such as tennis courts.

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